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Field shelter and paddock reinforced with PERFO-SD standard tiles

Advantages include:

  • durable all weather surface prevents rutting and poaching
  • can be laid onto prepared or unprepared ground
  • secure interlocking tiles prevent standing edges
  • no splintering or risk or injury
  • textured surface for safe grip
  • load bearing up to 60 t/m²
  • tiles allow water to pass through them, drainage maintained
  • surface kind to hooves, tendons and joints
  • easy to clean, resistant to acidic substances and frost
  • planning permission not usually required
  • no special skills or tooling required for installation
  • tiles can be removed or relocated later if required
  • successfully tried and tested throughout Europe

PERFO-SD reinforced horse paddock

PERFO-SD used to reinforce ground around a feeding trough

PERFO-AK grass reinforcement mats used in a horse paddock
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